I started young, aware of something deep within me, a deep longing, and I started searching, experimenting with the mystical arts of meditation, aura healing practices and the desire to help others as a teen.

I found yoga and fell in love with it and all the philosophy at as a young adult, I loved that it was about physical & mental wellness AND spiritual and healing at the same time. I was learning not just body and breath awareness but deep spiritual knowledge; philosophy, morals, the way to true happiness, balance and peace, it felt wholesome on all levels. I began teaching as a qualified Sun Power Yoga instructor in 2009 (a form of Hatha yoga).

Since then I have taught hundreds of people, with many different bodies, of all ages. In 2014 I embarked upon a QUEST, in women's wellness and haven’t looked back.

I trained in Women's Wellness Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and gratefully had the opportunity to assist her for two years on various trainings and women's retreats from which I learnt so much and held monthly woman workshops to help share and spread this knowledge and healing.

I then had the joy of pregnancy and after two years break from teaching and looking after my baby girl I had a lot of time to reflect and try new things, and this was where my Kundalini yoga journey began. I am now training to be a kundalini yoga teacher with  fabulously knowledgable teachers Ishwar and Kirpal from the Ik Saran Dhian school. My passion for yoga has gone to a new level since learning all about Kundalini Yoga and I can't wait to share this practice with you and provide a space and time for your to experience this powerful transformational practice. Together with my husband we have opened up a yoga retreat in Kent called  The Quaives, where I now hold all my classes, workshops and retreats. I am registered with KYTA (Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association).

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