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I started yoga at 18 and fell in love with it, for some people it takes time but from my first session I was hooked, it was what my soul had been yearning for from the depths since I can remember. I loved that it was exercise but spiritual at the same time. I was learning not just body and breath awareness but deep spiritual knowledge; philosophy, morals, the way to true happiness, balance and peace, it felt wholesome on all levels. I began teaching as a qualified Sun Power Yoga instructor in 2009. My style has developed into a creative fusion of hatha, flow, and power yoga, with influences from Jivamukti, Ashtanga and Iyengar. A session with me will include breath, asana, hand mudra's, and deep relaxation to promote a feeling of inner and outer radiance. I am responsive to the needs of my students using experience and intuition, and always strive to provide a deeply nourishing and welcoming atmosphere for your soul, mind and body to heal and find inner peace.

In recent years I have been very interested in women's wellness and have experienced deeply healing practices and experiences through attending a Women's Wellness Yoga Therapy course by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and subsequently assisting her on women's retreats in the UK and Ireland during 2015. I highly recommend her magnificent book "Yoni Shakti." For a few years I have been holding monthly moon circles for women, and seen the huge benefit and magic of women coming together in a circle to just be ourselves and honour womanhood; the journey, the 3 main rites of passage (menstruation, giving birth, menopause), our bodies and our innate wisdom. I often honour this through a short talk on a certain subject, with time for sharing thoughts and feelings, a session of deep relaxation, sound healing, yoga, and sometimes include affirmations, Goddess/Archangel card readings, cleansing with white sage, drawing, colouring or writing.  

Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you would like to come to a women's moon circle, try a 1-2-1 yoga session, or have a wellness programme tailored to you.

Clare x

I always looks forward to a session with Clare, she makes the session very personal to your needs and objectives. She is very thorough and will recommend various alternatives accordingly to suit everyones level. Not only does she make each session fun and interesting and a reason to go back, but it amazes me the vast number of poses Clare has in her realm.
— Paula Pidgeon, Brixton
I have been going to Clare’s classes for a year and think she is great!! She manages to organise classes to suit all abilities thus making it challenging and not boring for those of us who have been doing yoga for many years
— Melanie Baker (Student from Fitness First)
Clare is a great teacher, and takes great pride in making sure her class can achieve each pose without difficulty. She is quick to adjust those poses if they are not correct, but is also very aware of the limits each person has in her class, so when teaching, adjusts accordingly.This versatility in the class keeps us coming back as neither me or my brother are too advanced in Yoga, despite their being
some experienced people in it. It is
obvious that clare was
destined to teach yoga, her
passion and commitment to
the art form come through
very strongly in her classes.
I have recommended clare’s classes to many of my friends, and that is the hallmark of a good instructor in my book.
— James Parsons (Drop-in Class, Brixton)