Sat nam beautiful being, welcome to my site!

I am Clare, my spiritual name is Satgur. Whilst I feel within me the infinite- the part of me (and you!) that is beyond all the roles we play in our day to day life, I feel a formal introduction is handy for some to know a bit of where I am on my life path….

I am a mother, a wife, a yoga teacher, a women’s mentor and guide, creatrix of the Worthy Empress Mentorship Programme and TRANSFORMATIONAL Be Radiant Kundalini Yoga Retreats and Sisterhood Gatherings at The Quaives retreat venue, based in East Kent, UK. I am the co-director of The Quaives, which my husband and I opened as a retreat and events venue in May 2017. We’ve been a little busy to say the least!

I am a dreamer and so is my husband, we’ve been dreaming our way through life, which actually takes a lot of work!-since we met in Mexico as travellers, in our early 20s. This divine meeting has weaved magic throughout our life together, and got us through the tough times. If you know us well, you know we don’t do things by half. We like to do things differently, and we stretch ourselves often to the limit, and still here we are, secure in each other, in our friendships, held by the universe, and nourished by our beautiful planet and family, we’ve learnt many life lessons along the way, and I feel so blessed and grateful.

My other love and savour has been yoga, which I found just before my husband and not in such tropical lands, but in my home land in the UK as a university student. My journey on this path has been life changing and the knowledge I have gained has supported me through life ups and downs. Yoga has taken me on a journey to the ancient and back to the here and now, through the stages of early adulthood into motherhood and beyond, its brought me back home to myself to my truth, and helped me know my body more, my soul more, and my mind more. With my women’s wellness yoga therapy training and a 3 month intensive mentorship with a great friend and wise women, I have finally seen and experienced the importance of acknowledging myself as a women, as the essence of the divine feminine, and that I do not work the same as a man in mind, body and soul, I am cyclical- just like the moon and the seasons, and so my yoga practise has changed because of that too. And because of all this and more, I have put together some offerings that are true to my heart, who I am, and absolutely aligned with my stars, planets and destiny…from my heart to yours…

I have so much I want to share with you!

Offerings & Events