Full Moon Magic ~ Poem

Full moon magic,
A time for tantric,
Red or white?
Or go shamanic?
Mind wise,
Or full of lies?
Distract from reality ,
The heart cries,
To stand still,
And hear the call,
Of the atma or soul, 
Older then all.

Infinite wisdom,
Ancient kingdom,
All within,
If only we’d listen.
Full moon light,
Gives us inner sight,
Plays brain chemicals right,
And makes us bright.
On the brink,
Stop don’t think,
Just feel,
Get off the mind wheel. 
Sit Naked,
Under the sky
Breathe and sigh.
Hear nature’s knowings,
Your souls yearnings,
Stop running and forgetting
The skill in slowing.
Full moon bright,
Luminescent light,
Lights up my soul,
And makes me whole.

Listen and learning, 
Silently absorbing,
With a smile,
All the while,
Nature is talking,
Plants and planets imparting,
Their wise guidance,
Through the silence,
Their voices heard,
Take it on board,
Live out the wisdom,
Become king of your Kingdom.
(Or Queen of your Queendom!)

By Satgur Kaur